Welcome to Bahrain Irish Society

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The Bahrain Irish Society was founded in 1975, and since then has been extremely pro-active in promoting all aspects of the Irish culture throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since its foundation, the society has been active in its support of Bahraini charities, and has arranged numerous events aimed at raising funds for the charities proposed by our members. It is through these contributions and working in partnership with local charities that a real difference is made by the society to those less fortunate than most.

Our lasting commitment is to establish a multicultural society from all walks of life & all age groups that can fuse together to celebrate a culture traditionally known to open its arms & embrace life in all its form.

Through our members continued support and also the generous support of all our sponsors we were in a position to make substantial donations to worthy causes during the 2013/14 year.  With the continued support of all; we are confident that as we enter our 40th anniversary year in  2014/15 that we will be in a position to continue to contribute on behalf of the Irish community to these causes.

On behalf of the Committee & Chairman we encourage you to continue to help us celebrate our way of life abroad; and naturally welcome any ideas you may have in relation to how we can better represent the true meaning of being Irish or of Irish descent

Go raibh mile maith agaibh